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Fibonacci and Martingale Betting Methods

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When you’re gambling, you will always look to find a method or a tactic that could enhance your chances of making more money. One of the ways in which professional gamblers do this is by the Fibonacci and Martingale betting methods. Both have their pros and cons, but you should study both before deciding on which path to go down.

Both of the tactics are used frequently by punters, and the theories are straightforward in what they believe. But let’s go through the different methods before examining the pros and cons of both.


As we stressed before the theory behind both methods is incredibly simple, and for Fibonacci that revolves around a negative progression betting cycle. Punters would simply increase the money they are wagering when they lose a bet. The idea is that the higher stake bets will ensure that you end with a profit.

The story of the method can be traced back to India but was given a widespread reputation when it was featured in the book ‘Liber Abaci’, which simply translates as the Book of Calculations. The book was published in the early 13th century by Leonardo Pisano; along with this he also managed to revolutionise the number system in Latin countries. The author was known by a variety of names, with Fibonacci being one of those.

The system itself is very straightforward that even those who are novices will able to keep up. The sequence will begin with a zero and then followed by a one. The next number in the order is then the previous two numbers added together. Here is a small example:


In the main context of life-changing discoveries, this may seem pretty basic, but this sequence actually helped the progression of mathematics and nature and frequently appeared within the natural world.

Fibonacci in Betting

The best place that this method can be used to maximise its effects is in a casino, and especially at a roulette table. In fact, many players who go to a casino frequently have picked up this betting method along the way. Punters would either select red/black or the odd/evens as their designated choice. The method can also be used on sports betting options on a choice that is priced at evens, but it works better with a casino.

For gambling purposes, the sequence would begin with the one since you can’t wager a bet with nothing on it. The method then follows the same pattern, and it could be wise to make a note of the sequence to save you from doing the maths in the middle of the game. The next thing that you must decide is how much you will stake per unit. The recommended amount is 2%, and you wouldn’t be encouraged to going any higher than 5%.

Simple Rules You Must Follow

1. Start With One

As we have mentioned previously, at the beginning of every betting sequence, you must ignore the zero and go straight to one. For instance, if you’re betting with £5 per unit, then your first wager must be £5.

2. Start Again At One

Following a loss in your bet, you should continue onto the next number on the sequence. For example, you will move to the second number on the list, and this is how many betting units you will stake. If you lose that one too then, you will move onto the third number, and so on. That number is a two so you would stake two units. So, if you go with the £5 unit that we have previously mentioned, then the stake for this second bet should be £10.

This is the golden rule for this betting method. You should always move up a number following a loss.

3. Move Down After Win

If you’re lucky enough to win a bet using the sequence, then you go two number back down the chain. For example, if you win after staking 13 units, then you would be staking five on your next bet. It really is that straightforward.

The final rule is possibly one of the most important and incredibly difficult to keep track of if you’re betting in a land-based casino. It is always advised that you keep track of how much you’re staking, winning and losing. If you’re thinking about employing this method while you’re out, then you should consider taking a pen and paper out with you to the casino.

Guaranteed Success?

Fibonacci Method in Casino

While it has to be admitted that the Fibonacci betting system doesn’t actually guarantee winning, it does help you in both the long and short term by avoiding losing streaks. However, the flaw in the system for betting is overwhelming from the start. Should you go on a massive losing streak, then the amount that you would be placing on a bet would be a mind-boggling amount. This is because even though you go back two steps when you win, you only move forward when once lose. This means that the amount that you would be required to bet with when it gets towards the higher scale of the sequence could be too much for your wallet to handle, or you could simply go above the maximum bet that is allowed at the table.

In conclusion, we can’t guarantee that you will win enormous amounts of money by deploying this tactic, but instead, players should be accepting of the flaws and use it sensibly as a way to have fun at the casino.


This tactic is another one that is favoured by many punters throughout the world, and many have great success when using it. The tactics are straightforward, and the rewards can be immediate. John Henry Martingale found the tactic in the 18th century. Martingale was a British man who owned several of the most prominent gambling establishments in the United Kingdom at the time.

The system itself is perfect for those beginners who are looking to explore new options in betting with a method, and the ideology is basically that all bets can’t be losing ones. The straightforwardness of it makes it a favourite among the novices, but much like everything in life; practice makes perfect when it comes to this tactic, and within time you will be able to maximise your returns with the help of Martingale.

Martingale in Betting

The idea of the betting method is very similar to the Fibonacci in many ways, but with one big difference. For Martingale, you increase the stake every time you lose and decrease the stake every time you win. The method in the madness is simply that the winning bet will eventually make up for the amount of money that you have lost, along with hopefully making a small profit in the process.

Much like the Fibonacci method it has become more popular with players on evens markets, such as black/red and odd/even on roulette tables and various evens sporting odds. Unlike the previously mentioned method, the amount that a punter wishes to stake down on the bet it totally down to them and they can come up with their own sequence of how they want to play. It would, however, be suggested that you wouldn’t start with a massive number if you’re a beginner or an expert since a couple of losing bets could mean that you’re placing enormous stakes on the bets.

Advantages of the method

The advantages of this method far outweigh the negative aspects of it. The primary advantage that you can see from the start is that if you keep doubling your stake with every losing bet, at some point, you’re going to win and make back the money that you have lost; with a nice little bonus too. The method also thrives for short-term purposes as you can easily keep track of your betting and is a good way to bet progressively. It is perfect for somebody that is looking to bet for a few hours, rather than an entire evening.

The aspect that makes it perfect for beginners is not just its simplicity but also as a way of learning the game that you’re playing. For instance, if you are just starting out at playing as casinos, you can use this betting system to ensure that you can recover your losses and ensure that you have had a positive first gambling experience. However, it is also perfect for those that have been playing in casinos for years as it is a perfect strategy to progressively increase your bet while also recouping your losses and maintaining that you leave with a profit; no matter how small.

Disadvantages of the method

The biggest problem with the method is very similar to that to what you could encounter with the previously mentioned tactic. Since it is entirely likely that you could unwittingly go on a losing streak, the amount that you would need to stake to get back on course the plan would also be enormous. With this comes certain maximum bets and caps that online casinos and land-based casinos have on their bets. This means that there will be no way to increase on your stake if you get to this point and the very least that you could do is get close to breaking even.

The second disadvantage also plays on them lines, and that is that the Martingale tactic does deplete your bank account at a much faster rate for players. This means that it is better accustomed to a player that has a larger bankroll and would consider themselves as a high-stakes player. But again, this is only the case should you go on a dreaded losing streak. The final point that you must consider is that the odds are unlikely to improve over the long run, and the longer you play, the more chance you have of losing. That is why we stated earlier that it is a suitable method for the short-term and for players that only want to play for a couple of hours rather than an entire evening.

Martingale Sports

Betting Methods

While both methods can be deployed in a sports betting context, it really is the Martingale option that is superior when it comes to this type of betting. It is a great way to maximise your bets. However, it is crucial that you first meet the requirements that are set, and you don’t bet on odds that are higher than 4.00, in fact, the perfect odds for this method are 3.00 or lower. The perfect odds for this type of betting are either the both teams to score markets or the match result.

For instance, in a fixture between Liverpool and Southampton you could place your bet on Liverpool to win, and then if this is a losing bet you can choose to increase the stake on the next match between Manchester United and Wolves. If you lose again, then you increase your stake on the next match. All odds will be lower than 4.00 if you pick the favoured team, and that is a perfect start for a novice using this method on sports betting.

Research has found that this method of betting can be incredibly lucrative in sports betting should you do the necessary research before the action and punters could see profits in the long-term with no problems. This could be the best way for punters to utilise this method fully.


To round off, both methods certainly have their advantages and disadvantages and the preference of which betting tactics you want to use are totally down to the player themselves. As we have discussed the pros and cons throughout this article, you can pick which option is better for you. While both could be better accustomed to those that have more money to play with, we believe those players that have a moderate amount to play with should utilise the Martingale betting tactic. This is a better way of maintaining what you’re spending, and you are less tied down to a game plan as opposed to the sequence that you must follow for the Fibonacci to be a success. But, most importantly, remember to gamble responsibly and only gamble with what you’re willing to lose.

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