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Ten Things To Know Before Playing Roulette

Roulette Guide

Roulette is one of the most popular forms available to gamblers looking to wager their money online. However, there are a host of interesting facts and pockets of information that even players you have been playing the game for years aren’t aware of. That’s where we are here to help. Have a read of these interesting facts before playing roulette with STS.

1.    Not All Casinos Are The Same

If you’re playing with STS, you’re one of the lucky players that is able to get a welcome offer in the process of signing up to play roulette. However, that isn’t the case across the board. Sometimes casinos will make sure that you can’t use welcome offers on roulette games and instead limit their players to slots. In case you needed any encouragement that you are in the right place to play roulette; now you have it.

2.    Best Chance Of Success On European

Most people that play roulette will now that there are various types. But the most common decision that punters have to make is whether they want to play on the European or American roulette games. While most people won’t know this; it is essential to know. There is far more difference between the games than simply the fact that they look different. In fact, on the American roulette the double zero limits the chances of you winning, while the absence of it on the European edition ensures that there is an enhanced chance of the punter winning.

The chances are further highlighted in the stats, with the American wheel having double the house edge than the European equivalent. There are multiple variations of roulette on STS, so be sure to find the best one for you and your wagering.

3.    Most Common Selection

The most common number that is picked by punters on the wheel is number 17. There is a variety of reasons for this, but the most common reason, according to a poll was because it is central on the layout of the wheel. However, one would argue that the actual reason why it’s so popular is because the number was frequently picked in the 007 films by James Bond himself. If it’s good enough for a secret agent, then it must be good enough for us mere mortals, right?

4.    Practice Mode

If you’re a novice and only trying roulette online for the very first time, then you should make sure to utilise the practice mode. This function will enable you to get to grips with the game before deciding to lay real money on the spins. It is a smart move for all gamblers to try this the first time they bet with STS to get used to the roulette that the casino has become famous for.

It is also an interesting way to get used to a designated technique without worrying that you’re going to lose money. It is the best way to get a feeling for the casino, but be warned just because you win on practice mode doesn’t mean that you’re immediately going to be winning once you’re betting with real money.

5.    Don’t Be On Emotion

One of the most important factors that online players should become accustomed to is not betting on their emotions. Instead, you should opt for strategy and remain smart throughout. Winning your losses back quickly very rarely works out how anybody hopes and players should only be keen to play with the money that they are prepared to lose.

Operating with a strategy or a tactic may be best for players that are prone to become too emotional during games, and fundamentally keeping your cool during these tactics are the best way to win. It goes without doubt that luck determines the winning numbers in roulette so if you do have a lucky one, it may be worth keeping an eye on that number coming up.

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6.    Live Dealers

One of the ways in which online casinos such as STS have become synonymous with roulettes is through the live dealer functions. This gives the player the feeling that they are playing in an actual casino live with a dealer on the screen in front of them. While there is contention in the electronic roulette wheels, it can be assuring for punters that live dealer roulette is the fairest since it is played on an actual wheel. This is one of the many reasons why roulette has become so popular with the live dealer variations of games, and this is expected to only increase in the future with the introduction of virtual reality to give the punters the most unique experience.

7.    Consecutive Occurrences

It is improbable that the same colour will be hit twice in a row, but it is even more unlikely that the same number will come up. Therefore, punters should be aware of the likelihood of a red number winning on consecutive spins. In fact, the stats show that the chances of the same number hitting ten times on the bounce are one in 1024. The record for the most occurrences of this happened in Bristol when a red number won 36 times in a row.

8.    Set Aside Some Winnings

Most punters will be aware of this general rule. But, for novices, the world of online gambling could be an intriguing one, and they could soon forget about the healthy amount of money that they have won. For this, most punters to put aside a percentage of their profit to ensure that they can walk away from the table in the plus; rather than being out of pocket.

9.    Be Aware

Roulette - play cautiously

Roulette is a pretty addictive game, and when used in the correct manner as a casual gambler, then it is a perfect way to unwind. However, punters should be aware of the risks that could come in the long-term for gambling too much. Punters should remain smart, and think about the losses and how much they can afford to lose if they are on a losing run.

10.    Read Up On Rules

Before setting off on enjoying the wonders that come with roulette, you should look into the specific rules that come with different variations of roulette. Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to casino games. It’s essential to be well versed in the rules, as there is more to the game than just picking your favourite colour or lucky number.


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