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Unusual Sports You Can Bet On With STS



You can always tell how competitive a sportsbook is by the variety of sports that they offer their punters to bet on, and STS is no different. While, nothing beats the thrill of betting on big sporting fixtures in the NFL, Premier League and the NBA; one of the best things that betting does is introduces players to new sports.

Finding a new sport that you’re passionate about is one of the best feelings in the world, and STS offers a range of different new sports that players may be interested in learning more about. Here are a few.


Everybody has played a game of darts in their life, but no longer is the sport only associated with being a pub game. The sport has been taken to a new dimension over the past couple of years and now events are attended by thousands of fans looking to catch a glimpse of their favourite players’ skills. There are multiple bets available for punters to select from in the darts markets on STS. The most prominent include picking the winning playing in PDC events such as the World Championships and the Champions League. There are also markets for the New Zealand Darts masters which punters can take advantage of.

Aussie Rules

Australia’s favourite sport is very sparsely watched on this side of the world, but still, there is a lot to love about the game which is played on a modified cricket field between two sets of players competing for points. The points in this sport can either be scored by the ball being kicked through one of four goalposts. The amount of points that a team score is decided by the posts that the ball passes over. It is a highly entertaining sport to watch, and within minutes you will be captivated. Punters can take advantage of the magnitude of markets available with STS to be on individual games as well as outright competitions such as the AFL and VFL.


Most people that watch professional football have never watched a futsal match, and they are missing out. The sport requires a higher level of skill and consists of two teams of five attempting to score more goals than the opposition. The games are played on hard courts, which are typically in-doors. The game requires a more substantial degree of technique and creativity than association football, and this has caught the imagination of Spain, Iran and Brazil. The betting market on STS is extensive and features multiple domestic games from Iran, as well as betting options for the Ural Cup.


One of the strangest sports that punters can expect to bet on with STS is chess. The activity has been a famous pastime throughout history. The skill level required for the 64 square board game is superior to most other sports, and the interesting element that comes with two players strategically taking on each other is fascinating. Some games have been known to go on for a number of days, and it remains one of the most played activities in the world. STS offers a range of options for chess bettors including domestic competitions from Russia and France, as well as worldwide events such as the World Cup, which is competed every year. The 2019 World Cup gets underway in September and punters can find the latest prices with STS.


This sport is renowned as the national sport in Finland but has gained mainstream attention in countries such as Germany, Sweden and Australia. The game is a bat and ball sport which draws similarities from baseball and rounders. It is similar to both in the way that the attackers look to score points by running around the bases, while the defenders look to get the attackers out. However, the big difference is the way that the ball is pitched. Instead of the typical baseball throw is it pitched vertically, which makes it easier for the attacking player to strike the ball further. The sport was at its highest point when it was included in the 1952 Olympic Games in Finland. Nowadays, punters with STS can bet on domestic Finnish fixtures.


One of the most popular growing sports in the world today is eSports, and the betting markets for these are becoming enormous. The viewers will watch on as players compete either individually or as part of a team to win on a video game. The popularity of eSports has risen massively over the past ten years, and winners of competitions now receive millions as a reward. Some of the most popular video games that are used for eSports events include Counter-Strike: GO, League of Legends and Dota 2. All STS punters can find markets for all of these games, as well as StarCraft 2, Hearthstone and Overwatch.


The world of politics is ever-changing, and no matter which country you are looking to bet on STS will have you covered. You can bet on the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, France and Australia as well the 2020 US Presidential election. Also, you can bet on topical aspects such as Brexit and place stakes on whether the UK will leave the EU on the deadline that has been agreed or whether they will revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. There aren’t many ways to make politics enjoyable, but STS betting markets will ensure that you have more fun than the politicians themselves.

TV Shows

Nothing is better than sitting down in front of the television after a long day at work, and STS makes it even more enjoyable with the wide selection of betting markets that you can take advantage of. Some of the best talent shows in the world have been priced up by STS so punters can make their bets. These include the Italian X-Factor, and England’s Strictly Come Dancing. As well as this, punters can place a stake on upcoming award ceremonies such as the Mercury Prize and the Oscars. These markets will ensure that you never get tired of watching your favourite programmes.


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