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eSports – a Brave New World of Gaming

An industry worth millions

As society moves on, trends do as well. Since arriving on the scene, esports have made giant steps forward, even being discussed as a potential Olympic sport in the future. With almost a thousand events all over the world, the esports industry is budding and it generates revenue of over $50 million per year (in 2018). Esports teams and players win thousands in prizes each year, making the sport suitable for betting as well. Esports betting has entered the realm of online sports betting in recent times, with a multitude of events throughout the year.

League of Legends (LOL)

Since appearing on the scene a decade ago, LOL has become one of the most popular MOBA games of all time. A fully-fledged sport in the USA, League of Legends is widely popular all around the world. The champions in League of Legends are indeed legendary and responsible for the game’s cult status. You can now bet on LOL using our website. League of Legends betting has grown a lot recently, with many bookies even offering live streams of the biggest events. Thanks to the ever-expanding list of heroes and updates, the popularity of League of Legends will never fade.

CS:GO – the king of first person shooters

If there’s one game that has redefined multiplayer gaming, it’s Counter-Strike. After a few iterations, CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) established itself as a giant in online gaming. Earning those CS:GO ranks and building your CS GO stats don’t come easy, but once you master them, you can truly become a legend in the game. Betting on CS GO is very popular and probably the main thing that propelled esports betting to the top of online betting sites. With events taking place every week, Counter-Strike GO streams are popular all around the world. Professional CS:GO competitions include a variety of tournaments, including those organised by Valve known as “majors”.

DOTA 2 – a MOBA classic

Originally published as a simple mod for Warcraft 3, DOTA became a global phenomenon. After the unexpected success of DOTA, the sequel was just as impressive. Nowadays, numerous DOTA 2 gambling sites offer odds on various tournaments with millions placed in bets on each. DOTA2 is one of the most profitable games of all time – some tournaments feature prize pools that break the €30 million mark! A considerable number of the best esports players and teams compete in DOTA 2, making it a favourite among esports fans and betters alike.

The legendary StarCraft game

Have you ever played a strategy game? Then we’re sure you know what StarCraft is. Going strong for over 2 decades, it has been dubbed “the father of esports” in the USA. StarCraft is one of the most popular esports games in Poland, with many Polish players ranking among the best in the world. In 2010, Blizzard Entertainment released a highly anticipated sequel, StarCraft 2, which became even more popular than the original. A fast-paced strategy game that packs out sports halls around the world, you can bet on StarCraft 2 in our comprehensive esports offer. Hopefully there will be a StarCraft 3 game coming out sometime soon. Are you reading this, Blizzard?

Bet online on exciting esports games!

Esports are growing at an astonishing rate and expectations for fans and players are rapidly increasing. At STS we strive to meet your expectations, allowing you the opportunity to bet on a variety of esports matches. Esports betting is a fast-growing online betting market. Explore our esports betting odds and you too can win big.