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Sport is the favourite form of entertainment for many people. Active participation is not always a necessary requirement. Rather than participating, a lot more people get excited about watching sports events – cheering on their favourite teams or players. For real enthusiasts, we have something special - live bets! The bookmaking industry is developing at an express pace and strives to meet the expectations of online players. Now betting on results is even more exciting. Once upon a time you could place a bet and twiddle your thumbs waiting to see what would happen next, hoping that everything would go your way. Now times are changing and live betting, including in-play golf betting and in-play cricket betting is the essence of betting. Live bets are a great option that allow you to react to live events and adapt your bets to the changing conditions on the pitch or court.

Live scores – the perfect option for every player

Each match has its own stages, where players have their ups and downs. An injury or a red card can change the game. Now you have the opportunity to react properly. You will feel like you're sitting on the bench and watching every event closely. Traditional bookmakers are slowly disappearing into the sunset. The present and the future belong to live score betting. Speed, convenience and being right in the thick of things. You can check matches live and bet on your favourites on the phone. Live score for football, live score golf or live score in tennis; it's all there. Thanks to the "results" tab, you can check sports events from today, yesterday or the day before. We will not let you down - you will always be up to date with your favourite sports and your favourite competitions.

Check the results live and place your bets

Football, volleyball, tennis and many more. Thousands of matches are taking place globally every day. If you want to be on the ball, you are in the right place. When using the Internet on your phone or any other device, you can receive immediate updates regarding any sporting match or event that you have an interest in. The easy use of our website means that you do not have to worry about keeping up with any events that you are interested in, whether it's live score golf or the live scores of Premier League football. We have tried to organise all live results to make them clear and transparent. You can use a detailed result, a multi-search view or an overview of all events. The choice is mind-boggling...

Bet on live football today

Football is by far the most popular sport in the world and at STS you can bet in-play on countless live football matches. Our live score football feature lets you keep track of all the football scores and results, so you don’t miss out on any live betting action!
Whether it’s live betting on the English Premier League or football in Russia, we have you covered! Live betting has never been easier and at STS you will never miss an opportunity to win big.

Hit a winner with live tennis

Tennis is undoubtedly the most popular individual sport when it comes to live sports betting. There’s always a live tennis match taking place somewhere in the world and with us, you can bet live on the scores at Wimbledon or even obscure Challenger events. Our in-play section gives you the chance to see all the relevant statistics to help you decide on a live bet and see all the live scores of other tennis matches taking place if you ever fancy a bet on multiple matches at once.

Try in-play Rugby

80 minutes of fast-paced and intense action, It’s no wonder that rugby union is popular all over the world. We offer a wide range of live rugby union matches for you to bet on. From the big showpiece events like the Six Nations and the World Cup to domestic matches in the English and French leagues, you’ll always be able to bet live on your favourite rugby matches in our live in-play rugby section. Join the STS scrum and win big today!

Handball, a very traditional sport!

Extremely entertaining and a proper contact sport, with the Polish national and club teams being particularly successful, especially Vive Kielce. Handball is famous for contrasting emotions and twists and turns, making it also attractive for live online betting. Goalkeeping decisions or time-outs can have a huge impact on the results of the match. Thanks to the live scores of all handball matches, you will always be kept up to date.

Basketball is more than just the NBA

We all love basketball. The NBA, the Euro League games and the Spanish ACB are all very riveting, just like betting on them is as well. In-play betting on basketball games is also present on our website, where you can check the live score results today and place live bets based on what's going on.

Exhilarating ice hockey

The fastest game in the world also has a steady and large group of fans. Ice hockey is a traditional sport. The North American NHL attracts the biggest stars, but it is worth following other games and watching live ice hockey in England, Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Germany. At STS it’s easy to track the live scores of ice hockey matches for in-play betting.