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Casino tournaments – test yourself against the best!

What is a slot tournament?

There are different types of online slot tournaments, but in general, they are multiplayer competitions with players from all over the world participating. Players have to collect as many points as possible and if they get enough, they can claim a cash prize. Some tournaments have an entry fee, and others are free to register. Another difference may be in the games themselves. Sometimes, players have to play specific games or slots and only in a specific game can they earn points on the leaderboard. Winning in a tournament may depend, for example, on the highest win recorded during a set number of spins. Another important factor determining the final classification is the number of rounds and games played. The rules of each slot tournament are determined by the casino that organises it. All of the above types of slot tournaments have their advantages and provide a lot of fun. Registration at STS tournaments is free and the leaderboard will show you exactly what you need to do to get your hands on an enticing cash prize!

Casino tournaments are an intriguing concept

Online casino has gained and continues to gain popularity among players who like card games and slots. The selection of online games is huge, and we have the opportunity to try hundreds of titles from each genre. The casino provides a lot of fun and entertainment because nowadays every game is "refined" in terms of graphics, sounds and functionality. However, we decided to go a step further and make your stay on the STS website even more exciting. That's why we now offer casino tournaments. From the very first moments of their existence, casino tournaments have enjoyed a lot of interest. These games are not only fun, but you now have the opportunity to test yourself against other players. In addition, the best players in casino tournaments receive special and lucrative prizes.

Added excitement with online casino tournaments

Slot machines provide a lot of entertainment and adrenaline, but when playing against a machine is not enough for someone, online casino tournaments are the perfect antidote. When you compete in a casino tournament, there are numerous things to consider other than the money you bet. The best players are rewarded handsomely, and after the tournament, you will feel satisfaction from potentially defeating fellow slot enthusiasts and even learn from others. STS casino tournaments last 24 hours. One day full of emotions and entertainment - sounds good, right?